Rules & Regulations

School rules and regulations:

  • No students shall be in involved in any indiscipline activity.
  • All the parents should deposit the fee on or before the due date and time.
  • All students are required to appear in all tests and the exams.
  • Breakages, damages or losses in any form of the school property will be changed from the parents of the concerned students.
  • No student will be prompted to the next class without giving the final examination.
  • Parents should meet the Principal or the respective teachers for an unfavourable result of their child. A student can be suspended from the school due to misleading statement or misbehavior with other students or with the teachers.

Do’s And Don’ts For The Parents:


  1. Teach your ward ethical values.
  2. Instruct your child that he/she should wear neat and tidy uniform and well polished shoes. Your ward should wear decent clothing.
  3. Confirm that your ward cleans his/ her teeth regularly.
  4. Always ne present in school during parents/ teachers meet.
  5. Keep your eye on the studies of your ward and his progress.
  6. Check hair cut and nails of you ward regularly.
  7. Visit the study room of your ward and check his books and note books.
  8. Do attend all the functions viz. Annual sports day, annual function etc.
  9. Do check the purse , greeting cards and invitation cards of your ward.

Don’t s

  1. Do not let your ward roam about in night.
  2. Don’t allow your ward to take Supari, Gutka and Pan masala.
  3. Don’t allow your ward to have a bad company.
  4. Don’t beat your children severely.
  5. Don’t allow your children to go to out without informing you.
  6. Don’t send anybody else or relatives for collecting the results.
  7. Do not send mobile phone, pen drive to your ward.


  1. Students will come without bag in school uniform to celebrate the mentioned occasions. Their attendance is compulsory.
  2. On parents meeting children will came in school uniform with their parents along with school diary.
  3. Marks of unit test will be added with the respective.